Natasha Benson

Leader: Muizenberg, Lakeside

I cannot imagine what it must be like to not be able to run anymore – whether it’s due to illness, injury or being riddled with osteoporosis and too old and frail to enjoy this wonderfully ‘free and empowering’ sport and recreational activity so I ‘run for those who can’t’ I want to motivate, encourage and welcome new runners to join CMIYC in Muizenberg.

Not everyone knows – but for those who can remember my younger years – struggling with Bulimia from the age of 9, toying with Anorexia Nervosa from 13 up until my heart nearly failed and my family were left in limbo not knowing whether they would see me live the youth I deserved, get married, have children and a career one day.

It was an ‘annoying’ struggle as food became my world – ‘feast or Famon’ my life depended on a plate of food! I was unable to join in with PE activities as I was too weak, I was different and weird to all my classmates.

Having children changed me – I slipped into my finicky ways after Gemma & Ayden were born but my kids kept me fighting – my determination not to go back to that dark place is real – I want to set a good example for my kids, live a healthy, balanced lifestyle and to teach them not to let something have more power over the mind because it will affect your body.

I love to run – but in order to run we need to eat, nourish and appreciate our bodies.

This is my story – Running makes me feel free, I feel so strong and empowered. – I am not the fastest runner, but my determination, ability and dedication to wearing trainers at any opportunity I get over rules my speed!

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