Megan Parmenter

Co-Leader: Bryanston

I’ve always had a passion for being physically active both on and off the sports fields. As a kid my dad ensured my sister and I had gym contracts, we were either in the pool in the aerobics or dance class. During my school days I spent most afternoons trying out any and every sport including cricket. I was never very good at any of them but the thought of being outside and part of a team kept me going.

Getting older and leaving school, finding something that motivates you to keep active is hard to come by, adult life is not an easy adjustment. I found putting on a pair of running shoes and heading through the greenbelt cleared my head after a long day.

With the encouragement of my significant other we started attending parkruns on weekends, entering 10km races and then finally after 3 years I braved my first 21km, the Two Oceans Half. The vibe in the air carried me through the last km as my knees were screaming for me to stop, I will never forget that feeling of crossing the finish line, a runners high is a hard one to beat.

Finding the CMIYC Bryanston running group 2 years ago quite honestly changed my life. I had moved away from home and the roads that I knew, to a scary busy place where I felt alone. With the help of Michelle Kahn and the exceptional community of strong ladies I now have by my side, I will never feel alone again.

Sunrises and running shoes for the soul.

To get in touch with Megan, message her on Strava or Facebook.