Sarah Haken

Leader: Sandton

I was never a ‘sporty’ person.  In fact, if you told 15 year old me that one day I would be a ‘CMIYC Leader’ inspiring women to run I would probably have rolled my eyes and laughed at you. I was a self-confessed academic sloth who spent more time thinking of ways to get out of anything remotely sport-like at school than actually participating.

In University I did up my game slightly and (fun fact) became an aerobics instructor. On a whim (well, a dare really) I was cajoled into running 21km. Without training. Not my finest hour, but I finished it and got my first ever running medal. I never wanted to run again.

Fast forward a couple of years and I decided I needed something to inspire me, push me past my comfort zone, something more than my day-to-day drive to work, work, drive home. I needed a goal and something to work towards. I thought long and hard about it (having sworn off running previously) and decided to sign up for the two oceans half marathon in 2015. But this time, I would train. Which I did.

I’ve basically never stopped running since then.  I’ve now completed 3 two oceans half marathons (as well as a number of others) and in 2017 I completed two full marathons. These are some of my proudest accomplishments.

I love that I found CMIYC and always have someone to run with in a safe, comfortable environment. Essentially I love everything CMIYC embodies. Inclusiveness for women, by women, promoting women for any fitness level.

Come and join our running community. You might just surprise yourself. I know I did!

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