Become a CMIYC Leader and make your mark in our all-women running club.

We are looking for positive, energetic women who will inspire others to start their running journey, stay active or improve their overall fitness.

Apply to become a CMIYC Leader if you:

  • Are available to run at least twice a week with a group
  • Know your area and its best running routes
  • Are committed to interact with members via our CMIYC App
  • Are active on Social Media
  • Want to represent SA’s largest all-women running community
  • Encourage beginners at all times & inspire other girls to start running
  • Kind, non-judgmental, caring, determined, ambitious and supportive

CMIYC Leader benefits:

  • Create a group in your area and run with your girls
  • Get your own CMIYC Shirt & Goodies
  • Get full premium access on our CMIYC Mobile App
  • Get spoilt with free running accessories and gear
  • Get free entries to all CMIYC running events
  • Determine your own running routes, dates and times
  • Being featured on our Social Media
  • Open to write ups on our Online Magazine about tips and tricks, your goals and accomplishments.
Big city or klein dorpie, we are looking for leaders from all over South Africa. Let’s run the world, girls!

Please apply by filling out the form below: 

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