Lesley Gore

Leader: Barbeque Downs, Sunninghill

I am a 40 something working mom and wife who only recently learnt the joy (and pain) of running.  By no means am I a super athlete and truth be told my running pace fluctuates between slow and average.  But I have learned that if I want to eat that little bit more I must run, If I want to sleep better I must run and if I want my mind body and soul to feel alive I must run.

At 42 when I first started running I couldn’t run to the nearest corner and I never ever believed that I would be able to run a 5km race. I started running after losing a lot of weight and I was determined that I was not going to put that weight back on, so I kept slogging at it and slowly but surely I started to be able to run further and further.

I entered my first 5km race just over 2 years ago. I remember how nervous I felt the night and morning before and completing that race was a momentous achievement for me.  I was bursting with pride and felt like I had just won the comrades.  I have never felt so accomplished. It was then that I realised how amazing the human body is and how you can change and progress beyond your wildest dreams.

From that race day on I kept on running and along the way encouraged friends that had stopped running years ago to start again, and friends that have never run to start running too.

I have run countless 10km races and quite a number of 21KM races, and have settled on 15km being my favourite race distance. As my race distances furthered I became more astounded that I, a junk food loving couch potato, could achieve so much!  For now I have ruled out ever doing a full marathon, but then again I had previously ruled out doing a 15km and 21Km too!

Running has a sneaky way of making you want to run more, dream more and achieve more than you ever thought you could.

Whether you are fast or slow, a beginner or an old hat, I hope you will join us so that we can run together and enjoy each other’s company while we strive to reach our own personal goals.

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