Shahieda Thungo

Leader: Soweto

I’m a cancer surviving, widow and mommy of an awesome 12 year old daughter. I started running after going through deep depression.  I also wanted to get rid of the weight that I picked up due to the cortisone. One morning in one of my depressive state in September 2014 I woke up and drove to the Zoo where there was a race. I registered on the day and ran. Shoo I thought I was gonna die. I did my first 10km in almost 2 hours, chest heaving, coughing like an old smoking toppie paining in every possible place. I absolutely loved the feeling.

I ran my first 42km in January of 2015, not knowing what I signed up for. That same year in April I completed my first Oceans ultra. 2016 I lined up for my first Comrades at 5:30am, where I drove an unofficial bus. 11hrs52min later I crossed the finish line medal and badge in hand. The 3rd greatest day of my life.

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… because it makes me very happy.
… it fulfills me.
… because I get exceptional when I lace up.
… because it makes me de-stress.
… because it’s my therapy.
… because running is me and I am running.
… because my daughter absolutely loves her happy running mommy.