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Open Letter To Our Community

 April 2020 To: Our CMIYC Community Under the current lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, CMIYC had to pause all activities, like many other businesses. We had planned and worked hard for the past few months on two events which we had to postpone. During this time we cannot announce any new dates or work…
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5 Lessons That Running Taught Me (so far)!

Guest blogger Anthea Booysen shares 5 things she learnt after she began running I never saw myself as a runner.  Growing up I wasn’t fit and didn’t spend a lot of time outdoors.  I’d never been a member at a gym until my 20’s.  Running was a sport for active people who sped down the…
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Fearless Women Can Change The World | by Mandi Hart

What is a fearless woman? I’ve been thinking about this, dreaming about it, writing about it and even speaking about it. If you had to ask ten different people what it means to live without fear, you would get a variety of answers. Fearless women are authentic. Fearless women are tender. Fearless women are brave,…
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