About Us

Catch Me If You Can

Largest All Women Running Community in South Africa

Catch Me If You Can (CMIYC) is South Africa’s largest all women running club that connects ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes. We’ve helped thousands of women connect and build lasting friendships whilst improving their health, fitness levels and lifestyles.

Our CMIYC Leaders are phenomenal women with a common goal to encourage women of all fitness levels to join a community where they will feel comfortable and celebrated for who they are! We run all over South Africa, giving you the opportunity to discover the most beautiful routes and races in your area. We offer safety in numbers and a chance to get out and have some fun!

From beginner to Comrades Marathon – start your journey with us. Our diverse team of CMIYC Leaders will support you all the way! Our weekly activities include running, walking, hiking, and trail running.

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