Liza Bloemetjie

Leader: Edgemead

I am passionate about empowering women to be the best version of themselves!

I am a wellness coach and run a Bootcamp for women called “Raising Moms,Tearing down the walls!” As a 43 year old mom of 4 gorgeous, genius children, I am very mindful to be present in the moment and not miss a second with my family.

My journey to loving the run is a long one. After my last born I decided to try to loose the baby fat and starting to “walk/run”. I would do it all on my own around the neighborhood, using the lamp-posts and dirt-bins as my markers to run too, until I built up the confidence to join a friend on her run. Long story short it took me 4 years but I managed to loose 30kgs and find myself! Running and completing my first 2 Oceans half marathon in 2016 was such a high and a tick off a long bucket list.

To get in touch with Liza, message her on Facebook.