Natasha Skoryk

Leader: CBD, Green Point

My name is Natasha and I grew up in Cape Town. I first started running a few years ago, because my boyfriend and his family are running obsessed – and soon the bug bit me too! It’s also a great way to fight back against my sedentary office lifestyle. When I’m not out running, at the gym, or on my yoga mat, I love cooking and exploring this city’s many foodie hotspots!

While I do various forms of exercise, what I enjoy about running is that it’s not just for the ultra-fit (hey, I’m certainly not!) I tend to run shorter distances and pace myself, and I feel that I enjoy it just as much as those who tackle marathons every other weekend! It’s also a great way to forge new friendships with like-minded folk.

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… it feels super satisfying to complete a distance

… it gets my endorphins pumping