Noncedo Mbuqe

Leader: Khayelitsha

I have never in my life imagined myself as a runner, so I started running as a part of my weight loss programme but found myself hooked. Running has taught me discipline, patience,consistency, endurance and more.

You get to meet great people from different backgrounds and travel to many places (which I love the most). I mostly enjoy sunset runs, with them I feel more energetic and unstoppable.

I have done 5km, 10km and have recently ran a 16km trail run, I am planning to do a half marathon before the end of this year.
Keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the things I stand for.

I love women empowerment, I am longing for a society where women will be confident and content with who and what they are, where we will be able to support and uplift each other in more ways than one,  so that is why I am a part of this lovely CMIYC family.

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