Anuchka James

Leader: Bedfordview

I’m a Johannesburg based creative with a business in Photography and Media. I have a passion for female portraiture resulting in individual beauty being realised and unleashed.

​My running journey began while at university as a crazy challenge to run my first 10km within a month to get fit. Needless to say, I suffered through every kilometer but at the same time got addicted with each stride.

Since then, I have pushed my body to the limit, something I couldn’t dream of achieving which has translated into every area of my life. It has allowed me to achieve the impossible and make great friendships along the way. If this was all I’m able to share with others, I would be overjoyed!

You just ​can’t compare the feeling of meeting someone on a marathon, running side by side without even saying a word, yet an unreal connection and sense of support is felt. This is why I run and the idea of a community of runners, especially a female focused one, gets me inspired and excited.

Together we can achieve anything!

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… it makes any day better

… it challenges me to push harder

… it gives me an unreal, indescribable joy

… it brings people together

… it allows you to experience the true beauty of the world from different perspectives

… it makes me feel strong

… it’s my addiction

… it doesn’t matter who you are and where you come from, you can do it

… it makes me feel free