Esmie Liebenberg

Co-Leader: Florida, Roodepoort

So this is me… I am a mom, a wife and most of all I am a runner. I am a fun and bubbly person. I enjoy making new friends and sharing the knowledge I have learned with others.

I have my own business together with my husband and we enjoy every bit. We love being outdoors, camping and doing 4×4 routes and challenges.

My running journey started off somewhat rocky. I started as a walker entering my first event in 2002 and by 2004 I progressed to being a runner. I then stopped completely and only started again in 2010. My health was in bad shape (excuse the pun) and I had gotten way too overweight and felt terrible about myself and how I looked. My mom was the one that pulled me back into the running thing again and I have not looked back. Since then I have done many races, half marathons and even a few marathons.

I seem to have this love hate relationship with running. I am most of the time not in the mood to go for a run, but I know it is good for me. I am addicted to the feel good hormones after my runs and the friendships formed through running.

I have been running with my mom and her friends for the last 9 years. All of them have Comrades marathon under their belts and I learn a lot from them. I enjoy running special events as well, like the CANSA relay for life; Celebrating those who have won the battle and those we lost and remember them. Wings for life run for people with spinal cord disabilities. I enjoy encouraging other people to do their best and give some advice if I have any. I enjoy the CMIYC groups as there is a sense of belonging and safety in numbers is best in the times we live these days.

To get in touch with Esme, contact her via Facebook.

… It clears my mind and I can think straight

… It makes me feel good about myself

… I get to see the sunrise in the morning

… I lap everyone on the couch

… I am able