Nini Maroga

Leader: Soweto

I’m a single woman with no children if her own. After having tried several times to conceive and also giving IVF a shot and failing, I started going through depression cause I didn’t understand why this was happening to me, especially being the first born girl at home, I saw myself visiting psychology clinics looking for answer, “why”.

The journey of running happened by chance really. I was invited to participate in the walk the talk event, just to get me out of the house. I fell in love with the atmosphere and I told myself I’m going to do this every year.

This led me to join the virgin active gym at Maponya mall. One day at the change rooms, as everybody is minding their own business, I heard this lady who never stopped talking, she was going on and on about the up coming races and telling people to register. She was as I loud I could not ignore her and eventually I went to her to ask about these races she was talking about.

She told me about Johnson Crane race and she said I should register online and we can go together to the race. My goodness, the love of running was birthed on that day I ran Johnson crane and I’m so proud to say that lady who encouraged me to register and be willing to take me to the race us none other that Shahieda Thungo, my mentor

Ever since that day, I don’t miss the opportunity to tell people or even encourage them to run, especially ladies because I know my life was a safes through running. Through running I can safely say I’m a stronger person with a resilient heart and attitude and it has helped me to get through a very rough phrase if my life. My performance at work has also improved as I now realise that my body can now perform at levels I never thought it would.

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… I’m the most happiest when I run.
… It fulfills me.
… It uplifted me when I’m down.
… I love the freedom I get on the road.
… It helps me to distress.