Sameshni Moodley

Leader: Randburg

My name is Sameshni Moodley and I am originally from Durban but I moved to Johannesburg in 2001.

I am a manager at an insurance firm and in my spare time I run my small business ‘Living 2 Inspire’. My journey over the last 10 years has helped me transform my life from being a couch potato to a fit, active girl whose run a marathon, climbed Kilimanjaro and currently learning to swim.

I am passionate about helping others live out their dreams, understand the benefits of eating healthy and exercise to harness what they are truly capable by providing them with the tools and education they need to accomplish their goals.

I also enjoy spinning, weight training and high intensity classes.

I have a really sweet tooth and an extreme love of ice cream.

A quote that often encourages me is: “Hardship often prepares ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”

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… It allows me to be free and accepted by roads of life

… It clears my mind of the clutter of a busy word day

… It gives me the opportunity to be outdoors, closer to nature and breathe in life

… There is no greater feeling of accomplishment than crossing the finish line……