Yolanda Brooks

Leader: Alberton

I am a very energetic working Mom to 3 Kids, two boys aged 19 and 16 and a girl aged 11. I live in Brackenhurst in Alberton.

I am a bubbly, happy optimist. I love people, I am talkative, inquisitive and generally loud. I have always been a sporty person.
At school I was more of a speed runner, long distances bored me, however, in the last few years I have come to love distance running and started out doing 5km fun runs, this increased to 10km runs and eventually 21km runs.

I love Walking, Road Running, Trail Running and Hiking. I would like to encourage ladies that have never run to start by taking that first step, we can do this together. I would love ladies of any age to join us, bring the kiddies, bring the pram, bring your personal challenge!

To get in touch with Yolanda, message her on Facebook.