Anthea Booysen

Anthea lives in Cape Town with her husband.

She loves running, cycling and yoga and began her fitness journey in her 20’s.  “I wasn’t sporty or active growing up but once I joined a gym and started doing boot camps, I never looked back.”

The way Anthea got into running was an interesting one.  “After I had surgery on one of my elbows, I had to take it easy and have a break from workouts while I healed.  When I had fully recovered, I took long walks and hikes to ease back into a fitness routine.  One day I took a light jog, then slowly started running and that was that!”

And that was the beginning of an amazing journey!

“I loved it.  For some reason it has never occurred to me before that I could be a runner.  In the beginning I wasn’t very fast but with time I increased speed and lengthened my workouts.”

What does exercise and fitness mean to Anthea?

“Exercise is me-time.

It is self-care.

It is about prioritising what makes me happy.

It is a lot more than burning off calories to fit into an old pair of jeans.

The feeling I get from working out is better than shoe shopping – and I love shoes.”

Anthea admits that her pre-fit self never thought she could be this this fitter and happier version – a lady who enjoys gym and has a bucket list filled with running goals.

Her blog is her space online where she shares her travel adventures, goals along with random thoughts and things that make her happy.