Jani Du Toit

Jani is a Blogger for JBRobinblog.com and an ASICS Front Runner. She is very serious about living a healthy life and challenging the pre-conceived norms of society. She believes that anything is possible with the right training, preparation and Heart.

Jani believes in living a full hearted life filled with good food and lots of fun! She Loves Running and it is a very important part of her daily activities.

I Love running because I enjoy being active and I live a very Busy life. Running helps me prioritize my life and deal with all the “Adulting” things that happen every day. It helps keep me motivated and focused.

Jani is working on becoming a professional Trail running athlete and has recently found out that she is pregnant. She is continuing her training and like many new age moms proving that the old wives tales of running while pregnant are false.

I believe that a woman’s body is much stronger than what we’re taught, we really can do anything. Running is very important to me, and if it’s something that helps me relieve stress and become a better Human – Why on earth would you stop doing this just because you’re pregnant, my body needs this more now than ever!

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