Liezel Short

Meet Liezel Short, aka the Blue Haired Runner. Liezel has been running for 2 years under the SATORI Colours and has completed various 10k, 16k & half marathon races including 2x Old Mutual Two Ocean’s Half Marathons. She has also taken over the reign of organising SATORI’s annual race – The Camel Run.

I discovered my love for running during Primary School. I used to join my dad on his runs. He is a multiple Comrades finisher and I guess I inherited the running genes from him. My legs got badly injured with stress fractures during my Army Training, so I stopped running. And Ballooned. It took me 10 years to re-discover running and the absolute freedom it gives me. I started slowly walking, till I walked fast, then I went over to running. It is now part of my routine that I can’t do without.

Liezel’s passion in writing is to inspire other runners, especially newbies, to “Run with Purpose in Every Step” and to provide lessons learnt along her own Running Journey. She does this through blogging at

What motivates my running?  I am very lucky to have my husband next to me all the way, so he helps tremendously in motivating me when it comes to those last few kilometres. My main motivation is the evidence that I am getting better, running further & running faster. The fact I can run as far in one run what I used to run in one week. The fantastic sunrises whilst running from Fish Hoek to Muizenberg also helps!

Liezel believes that everyone can be a Runner. You do not need a runner’s body to say you are a runner. If you hit the pavements running, you are a runner. No matter how you look. Everyone that is attempting to run to be active & fit must be celebrated!

One Run can change your Day. Many Runs can change your Life.

Join Liezel on her Journey as she shares all things Running. From how to deal with Race Day Jitters, the best races in Cape Town to consider, to choosing the correct shoe, after race discussions and how to motivate yourself on the days you really do not feel like running.