Glynnis Jeffries

Leader: Randburg

My name is Glynnis Jeffries, married with 2 boys and a girl and I love running and encouraging woman to find the joy of running. I started this journey if running in 2013 by joining run walk for life. I loved the community it created as well having getting to know people from all walks of life.

Within about 9 months I did my first 21km that is the two oceans in 2014. I by no way the fastest runner but I enjoy finishing a race. This was quite an achievement for me. My running took a dip due to an ankle injury but it was resurrected‎ in Dec 2014. In 2015 I did a number of 21km and my first marathon, that is the Cape Town Marathon. I still can’t believe I ran that distance. I always say to women, if I can then anybody can.

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… I can!

Running keeps me happy and healthy

Running = “me time”

Running allows me to challenge myself, helps me achieve my goals and motivates me to set new boundaries.

Running keeps me sane and eliminates some of the crazy.

Running clears my mind and gives me the energy to take on the day.

The feeling you get from a good run is better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.

You get out of it what you put in.

It never gets easier – you just get stronger.

Through running I meet the most wonderful people who share my passion for being active and loving life.

Running allows you to see your city in a different way.

The obsession with running is really an obsession with the potential for life.

The number one reason for why I run is that it makes me feel powerful and in control of my mind and my body.