Nicole Glickman

Co-Leader: Sandton

At the age of 5, I couldn’t make it up 3 flights of stairs without huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf. But, having been born with the “motivation to exercise” gene, I was determined NOT to let asthma get the better of me. So, I made friends with MY asthma, started exercising, carried my pump wherever I went and became an avid netball player, swimmer and gym bunny… BUT NEVER A RUNNER.

That all changed in 2015.

My husband, and step-dad to my twins, passed away. I wanted to run… as fast, far and furiously as possible. At first I could only make 1km on the treadmill without having to walk the next. But step by step, I slowly started to run through the pain, the sadness and the desperation.

Then COVID hit.

The coronacoaster closed the doors on my beloved gym and my “motivation to exercise” gene had me running on the spot in front of a laptop watching Netflix in my bedroom every day for 5 weeks. In August, Sarah, invited me to join her at a CMIYC morning run, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve never met a more caring, down-to-earth, unassuming, honest, kind, exceptional, supportive and fun bunch of people. They inspire me to get up every morning, to push the limits, conquer fears, work through issues and embrace life.

I am truly privileged, honoured and passionate to be part of this incredibly inspiring journey and making SOLE mates for life.

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…every step reminds me that the shoes I wear today don’t determine the paths I’ll run tomorrow

…it enables me to be surrounded by the most exceptional, supportive, fun, caring and phenomenal human beings

…it fills my life with beautiful paths, memories, stories, friendships, views and people

…having run my first half marathon at the age of 48, my twins now know that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!