Robyn Kelly

Leader: Roodepoort, Florida

I am a fun-loving, optimistic, motivated & bubbly individual with a passion for health & fitness. I have overcome countless obstacles throughout my life, and believe in the power of “mind over matter”- this comes in handy on those grueling uphills! I bring energy to all that I do and make the most of all the little moments that life has to offer.

I lead an active lifestyle and enjoy getting lost outside, be it on foot or by bicycle. Life is all about finding a balance between all that you need & want. Exercise is the same – find the balance that works for you.

I am addicted to fitness and the feelings it brings; I love feeling that burn.  I can not help but bask in the after-run glow.  I revel in that next-day stiffness.

Sweat is addictive.

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There will come a day when our bodies can no longer run, and I can’t imagine wasting this opportunity.