Sarah Harrison

Co-Leader: Sandton

I started running in 2014 when my friends wanted to try out a parkrun. While I hated running at first – it felt very unnatural, and everything hurt – I instantly loved the atmosphere and comradery of parkruns, and the challenge of improving myself! In 2016 my boss at the time (an avid runner and triathlete) convinced me that if I could run 5km, I could run 10km, so I tried out my first 10km race and loved it!

I was still mostly only running on weekends, but I went from doing 10km races quite regularly, to half marathons. I just loved the atmosphere and buzz of races, and the warmth and encouragement of the other runners. In 2018 I won a trip to China to run the Great Wall of China Marathon! It was my first marathon and I was horribly unprepared for it, but it was an amazing experience.

In 2020 with races being cancelled, I mapped out my own 42km run and many of the CMIYC ladies supported me by running portions of it – from 10km to 32km – with me, which made such a difference!

The beauty of CMIYC is that you can enjoy the warmth, support and comradery of running almost daily! CMIYC is a wonderful way to make new running friends, who will join you for a run at any time of the morning – even in the dark – and encourage and support you regardless of how strong or weak you are feeling that day.

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…it challenges me constantly – and allows me to keep setting new goals for myself!

…it takes me places I never thought I would go – both literally and figuratively!

…it has introduced me to the most wonderful people!

…it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning!