Thaniah Fakier

Leader: Florida, Roodepoort

I am a mother of 5, a wife and a Jane of most trades. I started running about 10 months ago, after I gave birth. I began running because of my sister who felt I was slacking in my fitness and she couldn’t handle me being sedentary. To get me up and out she signed me up for the Spar Women’s Race and told me to start training for it and I never back down from a challenge.

I have been running since then but I am still somewhat of a newbie and fully understand what first time runners are going through. Running in a group is so much better than running alone as everyone  encourage each other to achieve the last 500m to the end. The running bug has bit me and I’m addicted.

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…You feel like anything is possible

…You can clear your mind

…Your endorphins are jumping about

…You meet new people, young and old

…One run can change your day, but many runs can change your life