10 Reasons to Start Running

10 Reasons to Start Running

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You still need a reason, to finally join Catch Me If You Can and start running? Here are 10 convincing reasons to finally do it!

  1. Running keeps young, because it reduces your biological age.
    Just jogging 30 minutes three times a week, gives you back 9 years of your biological age.
  2. Healthy at heart – High blood pressure can be prevented by running.
    Only 15 km a week already have a massive impact to prevent hypertonia.
  3. Keeping a clear vision – Science has shown that runners that do 50 km a week, lower their risk of age-related vision lost by up to 56%.
  4. Tight feel and look – Runners actively reduce cellulite.
    By running regularly, your muscles are tightening and so does your skin. You will not only feel fitter, you will be fitter.
  5. Happy belly – running supports your digestion. By naturally moving more and drinking more water during exercising, your whole digestion tract benefits.
  6. Free spirit – running unwinds, and frees the thinking processes of the brain.
    Studies have shown that running is a great tool to even lower the risk of Alzheimer and dementia.
  7. Skin sensations – running enhances the blood circulation of your skin.
    This allows your skin to work its magic, impurities reduce quicker, your skin becomes firmer.
  8. The calm storm – regular running lets you control calmer breathing, and makes you physically more efficient.
  9. There is good cholesterol – and running can raise it by up to 30% and therefore lowers your risk for vascular diseases.
  10. Take it at heart – running can influence and protect your overall health as it supports your whole blood circulation.



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