10 Tips to Stay Motivated to Run

10 Tips to Stay Motivated to Run

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If running makes us feel so good, why is it so hard to do it? Starting out too fast and hard in a new running routine may be one of the reasons people dislike running. When people exercise above their respiratory threshold, that is, above the point when it gets hard to talk, they postpone exercise’s immediate mood boost by about 30 minutes. For novices, that delay could turn them off running for good. It is therefore best to start off with a moderate exercise plan.

10 Tips for staying motivated:

  1. Start off with a moderate exercise plan with reachable goals.
  2. Set a long-term goal and enter a race.
  3. Make running a social activity and join running groups.
  4. Don’t just run, mix it up with strength training, track training, hill training and time trials.
  5. Take breaks and reward yourself for reached goals.
  6. Compile a killer playlist.
  7. Alternate your running routes.
  8. Download a running application on your phone or get a running diary.
  9. Find a routine and plan your runs for the week on a Sunday evening.
  10. Finally, remember that no matter how many excuses you come up with to get out of going for a run, you are never going to regret a run. It takes about seven minutes to start enjoying a run, but you can spend a whole evening (or day at work) reaping the rewards, and showing that smug smile off knowing that you took one step closer to your ultimate mental health.

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  • Pls advise if you have beginners – just started again stopped for abt 18 months-starting slowly again – Plumstead area.. Longest run in past was 13km with SSISA

    • Hi Raquel, yes please join our ladies. We have a beginners group in Rondebosch. Tamsyn is our leader. Please join her Facebook Group to stay updated with her running schedule: http://goo.gl/BR7Zxx

      • Hi, I only saw this message now-3 April, I have been trying to reach someone in Plumstead/Tokia/Constantia and still no luck-in the interim I joined SISSA’s Optifit programme-this ends 30 April- I am keen to do early morning weekend runs or in the week evenings – I run on the treadmill 3 to 4 times a week early mornings before work – looking forward to a response – keen to run with the group-pls let me know as soon as possible.

  • Nobody is perfect so do not torture yourself if you ever commit a mistake. Take it as a lesson and use what you learned to avoid making the same mistake again. Focus on finding solutions and move forward.

  • Caroline Doyle
    March 22, 2016 9:08 pm

    I am keen to join a tokai running group – early morning and weekend runs … very keen, when can I start?!!

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