5 Reasons to Start Running

5 Reasons to Start Running

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Choosing an exercise program is always personal. Not only do you have to keep in mind which exercises suit your body you should always choose an activity that you enjoy. Running is an excellent all-round work out – great for getting fit, losing weight, and protecting your bones and heart. Here are five good reasons to start running:

  1. Running gets you fit

Running is a cardio-vascular activity. Not only does it improve your fitness but also trains muscles strength and endurance. Cape Town has a wide selection of road running, cross-country, and mountain trails for beginners to test and push your fitness and strength in all possible aspects as your improve.

  1. Running helps you lose weight

Because running is an intensive and exciting type of exercise, it is a great idea to start running if you are trying to lose weight. If you maintain a healthy diet plan alongside your running routine, the potential success of weight-loss is very high. As a beginner, with the social and enjoyment aspects of running included, you will hardly notice the effort and soon see results.

  1. Running strengthens your bones

As a high-impact activity, your legs, knees and ankles take a lot of jolting. This is actually good for your bones. Being exposed to minor stress, like during running, strengthens your bones and reduces the chances of injury when you get older.

  1. Running makes you happier

It is not secret that the “runner’s high” is a very special side-effect of running. If the other benefits have not yet convinced you, this one will get you to start running! Running releases high levels of endorphins and is often used as a time to think and achieve clarity and wellness because of this. So, as a running beginner, you will not only be getting fit but you will feel much happier too.

  1. Running is sociable

The running community is a wide and wonderful group. Many people start running when they move cities to meet new people. Whether it is a wave to a fellow anonymous runner, or a run with a group of friends, you will never be lonely in this sport.

Starting running is the first step to getting healthier, happier and stronger both mentally and physically. Nothing beats the freedom, joy and feel-good warmth of a great run.