‘Catch Me If You Can’ is an initiative to connect women through running. We motivate women to join and grow with us by combining running with health, fitness and lifestyle. And at the same time friendships are born by sharing the love for running.

No. Unfortunately CMIYC is an only women running group.

  1. Like us on Facebook
  2. Find a CMIYC Leader in your area
  3. Show up at the group run and order our Member Shirt

Each CMIYC Leader has their own private Facebook Group to announce running dates, times and meeting points. Most of our leaders have additional What’s App Groups to notify quicker. Please join your Leader’s private Facebook Group, by simply clicking on the Facebook Button below our Leader’s profiles.

CMIYC is currently working on their own Mobile Application, which is planned to be launched in the beginning of 2017.

If you have got a question you would like to see answered here, please contact us.

CMIYC Member Shirts are included in our exclusive Member Kit, which you can order in our Online Shop. You get your Member Kit delivered to your door or you can pick it up with your leader.

If you want to buy another CMIYC Member Shirt you can simply order in our Online Shop.

Unlike most conventional running groups we do not charge any membership fees. You can buy our Member Shirt to be an official CMIYC Member.

A CMIYC Leader is the ambassador for a given area who coordinates runs, routes and times of running sessions. If you are looking for a CMYIC Leader, click here.

We choose our leaders through an application and interview process to establish that they have the ability to provide the runs and leadership that our members will require. If you are interested in becoming a CMIYC Leader check the requirements here and apply now!

We are trying to cover more areas in 2017. Stay updated on our Facebook Page.

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