Become part of ASICS FrontRunner

Become part of ASICS FrontRunner

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Have you ever wanted to join a community of like-minded running enthusiasts with whom you can share your passion for running and that has a host of benefits? With ASICS FrontRunner you will get that chance! Entries are now open at for runners of all ages and levels of experience.

The only requirement to enter is that you must have a passion for running and subscribe to the ASICS founding principles of A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.

Entries are open until 31 January 2017 for all runners nationwide after which our panel of selectors will select 20 runners to join the ASICS FrontRunner programme for 2017.

Besides belonging to a team sharing the same passion for running, there are plenty of additional advantages and benefits of being an ASICS FrontRunner, including:

  • Exclusive access to our international ASICS FrontRunner community
  • Free seasonal supply of exclusive ASICS FrontRunner running collection and footwear
  • Free participation at selected ASICS events
  • Exclusive photo shoots
  • Exclusive event access
  • Free bib numbers for selected ASICS races worldwide
  • Meet and greet our top athletes
  • Advice from our core ASICS FrontRunner experts and professionals
  • ASICS FrontRunner community meetings
  • Chance to be featured in our brand campaigns and PR stories
  • Product testing (in many cases pre-launch product)

To help the our unique running community we have selected a core group of runners to guide, advise and lead them including some of the most experienced runners in the country alongside aspiring youngsters aiming to reach the top.

It’s an incredible experience to be part of a community of runners that share my passion and appetite for running. I never thought it possible to be involved with a winning brand of this magnitude – it’s a dream come true to be a part of the ASICS family“, said Charmaine Mohokare who is one of the selected core runners from Pretoria.

To stand a chance to become part of ASICS FrontRunner enter today at!