Fruity Flavoured Water Recipes for Runners

Fruity Flavoured Water Recipes for Runners

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Flavoured water is a great substitute for sports drinks. You can make sure you get all your favourite flavours and all the electrolytes you need in one bottle. Here are our favourite flavoured water recipes.

These flavoured water recipes for runners are each centred around an ingredient, or ingredients, that help you perform at your best. Water itself is important for the body before, during, and after a run – but adding that little bit extra ingredient is a tasty alternative.

Cherry flavoured

Cherries are high in antioxidants, especially anthocyanins. Cherries help runners who push themselves and engage in running which may cause minor muscle damage. The antioxidants in cherries reduce the strength loss in worked muscles and generally boost performance. Halve a handful of cherries and remove the pit. Pop them into your water bottle and, with a quick shake, you are ready to go.

Banana and Honey flavoured water

Bananas are a great source of potassium and give runners the carbohydrates that they need. Honey, on the other hand, is rich in antioxidants and has healing properties. Slice up a banana and halve each slice. Pop those, with the honey into a water bottle. Add some ice and shake it up.

Cranberry and Apple flavoured water

This classic taste combination is great as a pick-me-up. Apples are high is carbs and the right sugars to get you pumping, while cranberries help with oxygen delivery and have anti-inflammatory properties. Slice one apple thinly and add the slices, and a handful for cranberries, to a litre of water. Give it a swirl and drink up.

Blueberry and Orange flavoured water

On the cooler days give yourself a vitamin C boost with a blueberry and orange flavoured running drink. Cut the orange in half and slice the halves thinly. Leave the peel on and pop the slices into your water bottle. Half a handful of blueberries per 500ml will do. Blueberries are also a source of phytonutrients – so, not only are they delicious, but and stiffness or minor injuries will automatically get on their way to healing up.

Pomegranate flavoured water

Antioxidants galore, once more, with pomegranates will get your heart and respiratory system working at its best. Pomegranate rubies are tasty and will make for a great post-run snack when your water is finished. Half the fruit and remove the rubies from the skin. Pop the rubies into your water bottle and get sipping.