I felt compelled to write this piece for every single woman that wished to be born a man. For every man that undermines the worth of a woman. For every child that needs to know it’s worth is unmeasurable, that every life has value and is of utmost importance.

I love to be a woman with every molecule of my being, with every synergy internally and externally.

I am blessed to have enjoyed an upbringing free of gender discrimination, filled with equality.  Moms were working on their own will and out of necessity. Men did not have to sign a permission or give their consent. Now I realize, how lucky I was to grow up under such circumstances, and am forever thankful.

Dressed in the hand-downs of my brother, I climbed trees, played with toy cars, ran the streets with boys, stripped broken bike tires down to the rim and still ride it. I have always been a cheeky, naughty little shitter. Rather walking with a bunch of Rottweilers and cutting Barbies hair, because I thought short suits her better. Big mouthed, smart-ass, tom-boy, not liked by everyone, but certainly not because I am a girl. Blessed to grow up without stigma, where not everything is pink and blue. My world is Magenta in all mixable shades with splashes all across the rainbow.

I LOVE to be a WOMAN

I love to be a woman, because I can be masculine and it cannot take from my feminine. I am proud to be a woman, because I fully understand our importance vs. our oppression.

Women are a passionate creation that cannot be replaced in any shape or form.

Women are gifted with one of the world’s most important values: Empathy.
The empathy women naturally harbor in their heart is the greatest force in humanity.
It’s the very core of what makes us human and holds us to a standard of understanding, caring and nurturing.

Women are warriors, fighting battles for themselves, their children and protect their family with the strength of a lioness.

Women are visionaries, so selflessly they rather pray for the progress of anyone else, before putting themselves first.

Women are the greatest untapped creative resources of this planet. Women, no matter how restricted by society, always thrive to make something out of nothing.

Without our passion, our empathy, our battles, our visions, our creativity this world will cease to exist.

Embrace your womanhood with all your heart, everything you have been, you are and the endless possibilities of what you can become. You are a stunning creation, one the world cannot exist without. Your beauty is ever evolving, because you are here. So I beg you to love yourself, be proud of yourself, because you matter in a manner the world still needs to learn to understand. It’s on us to teach them.

I thank my family for giving me a core strength that never let me doubt the worth of my gender. My tribute to you is my life. A life were I can travel wherever I want to, to learn anything I want, to work whatever I feel like trying and tell everyone what I am thinking with brutal honesty. I am my first generation that could speak up, break out and leave to conquer her own world without prejudice. And since my daddy never let me feel less of anything, I’ll be damned to let anyone else even try.

I am proud of you woman. I love you woman.

And if I will be reborn, I pray it will be as a WOMAN!

Leni Ullrich
Woman – Philanthropist – Universal Being

Director of a charitable organization to help children, since the age of 23: Kids Of Good Hope
Brand Manager of the South Africa’s largest ALL-WOMEN running initiative: Catch Me If You Can