Many women struggle to get into running and, in their disappointment, resort to the “maybe I am just not a runner” explanation. Here is how to kick training blues.

It is all in your head

So you have tried running over a hundred times but you still cannot get the knack of it? Getting yourself into the right headspace before training is sometimes all it takes to push through the initial stages.
Slow and steady is the way to go when it comes to training to start running, but for some that can mean a very tiresome and boring routine that is difficult to stick to.

If you have dogs consider training with them as a form of motivation – it you start getting bored, let their enthusiasm drive you. Alternatively sign yourself up for a fun-fun to jump-start your training.

Keep perspective during training

It is true that some physiques perform better when running, but all body types and shapes are made to run. If you are shorter, expect your stride to be shorter; if you are a bit on the unfit side, allow yourself time to raise your fitness.

Your goals and expectations should be realistic – sometimes even a little bit of encouragement goes a long way.

Whether you have tried to start running once, or more times than you can count, remember that your body naturally acquires fitness at its own pace. Like most sports, running has its own kind of fitness. Give your training time to work and develop the muscle groups you need to become a better runner.

The best part about running training is that all you have to do it keep at it! Get some of our tips on how to start running.