How Many Calories Do You Actually Burn When You Run?

How Many Calories Do You Actually Burn When You Run?

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Whether you are running for weight loss or trying to track your fitness level, knowing how many calories you have burnt is handy. But, when the heart rate monitor and treadmill give different values, how do you know which one to trust?

Is there an effective “fat-burning” zone?

First off, it is time to clarify the science behind the exercising myth of the “fat-burning” zone. A study by Dr Jason Karp showed that the “fat-burning” zone is no more than a fallacy. It takes more than just a long period of exercise at a moderate pace to achieve fast and effective weight loss. Exercising harder with rest periods (interval training) is far more effective when you want to get fit quickly and lose weight effectively.

Also, keep in mind that many exercise aids and equipment are calibrated to the average calorie use of a 90kg man. As women we need to know the facts behind these calculations.

One of the greatest weight loss running tips of all time

Studies show that, specifically for fat burning, interval training, coupled with longer, more intense exercise results in the highest use of stored calories (fat) and in-take calories (starches that you get from your diet).

During interval training your body is pushed to its limits – you exercise very hard, resulting in a high heart rate, for short periods of time and then rest in between. This not only encourages your body to use large amounts of fuel, but also increases fitness and ups your metabolic rate. Getting your body to work at a higher metabolic rate results in fat burning for hours after your work out is finished.

Long cardiovascular exercise periods, on the other hand, train your muscles to get used to burning fat as well as the calories you have eaten. The more exercise, combining interval training and lengthy periods of running, the more your body becomes accustom to burning fat and using calories properly.

There are multiple calorie calculators for various sports, however, you can click here for a running specific calculator.

The secret is to keep at it

By keeping your diet at a lower calorie rate than you are using, and combining interval training and long periods of cardio, you will train your muscles to use fats as fuel too. Best of all, if you are exercising for weight loss, using these training styles will mean that you burn fat after your work out too!