Many runners like to fuel themselves with snacks while running. But what is most convenient? The body needs something loaded with energy and easy to digest. In fact, the best are fast absorbing carbohydrates. Here are some best on the go Snacks for runners.

7 Healthy Snacks You Can Take on the Road

  1. Banana – One medium banana contains nearly 30 grams of fast-digesting carbohydrates. Bananas are perfect for a quick burst of energy, before a run or to refuel whilst running. Don’t throw out your old bananas, the riper the fruit, the simpler its sugars, and the faster it will be absorbed into the bloodstream. Bananas contain B vitamins which accelerates the recovery process after your run is finished.
  2. Biltong – is a protein booster. Only 10 to 20 grams of Biltong provide enough protein for a runner to improve the recovery of the muscles. It’s also very convenient since it’s a lean protein with little fat.
  3. Pretzels – Did you know that an ounce of pretzels has around 100 calories? Further it’s a fast- digesting way to provide a quick source of energy. The salt on the pretzels helps to prevent muscle cramps and fatigue, by loading the sodium lost while sweating.
  4. Overnight Oats – You can get a quick on the go Snack by soaking oats in milk overnight. You can make a perfect size snack, to throw in your bag. To have long-lasting energy you should eat your oats about an hour before a race.
  5. Nuts – When you are feeling hungry, nuts are the perfect go to snack. Choose between cashew nuts, walnuts or almonds and get fuelled with minerals and healthy fats, that help to lower bad cholesterol.
  6. String Cheese – Compared to the other snacks, this one provides low carbs, but is high in fat and protein. The main benefit is that the string cheese has around 20 percent of the daily calcium requirement which is essential for muscle contractions.
  7. Raisins – If you feel a bit low on energy while running chew a few. A small box of raisins contains 25 grams of sugar, which is a great source of energy on the go.