Running Pregnant: The Criticism

Running Pregnant: The Criticism

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, midwife or nurse. The information expressed in the series “Running Pregnant – By JBRobinBog For CMIYC” should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before running during pregnancy and postpartum.

As a runner we rarely let anything come in the way of our running, from injuries to Flue. We tend to throw the doctor with that all important question –

“So how long till I can Run again?”

But what happens when you find out that you are pregnant? Most of us ladies that are avid runners or even professional runners get faced with the question of should you or shouldn’t you keep running?

Most doctors recommend a healthy 30 min exercise per day for expectant mothers. For some this sound like allot and others this might sound like a little. Either way it is still very vague amount of excise that is allowed, and doesn’t give you too much to go on.

You find that once your pregnant everyone finds themselves in the position of being an expert. Everyone will have something to say, some good some bad and others just plain ignorant.

When I found out that I was pregnant – literally before we ever confirmed it with blood tests I googled ‘Running when pregnant’ to try and figure out as much information as I could. What could I do, and what I couldn’t do.

I read an article on about excising whilst pregnant and they told of Lea-Ann Ellison who was heavily criticized about her exercise regime during pregnancy. The poor woman received some horrible comments from people that are just uninformed and make comments based on the notions of society.

So how do you prep yourself for Criticism like this, how do you allow yourself to not get angry and start an outright fight with someone who is basically commenting on something that is actually so very personal?

I have found the best thing is just to educate yourself. You have to inform yourself of what is allowed and what not, know your boundaries and then, Ladies, like my Mom usually reminds me –

“Smile and wave, just smile and wave!”

You’re going to have to learn to grin and bear it, Smile and change the subject. People will always have their opinions, and unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it. These comments do sometimes hurt and aren’t always fun, but rather than get angry and unnecessary upset yourself just know that most people don’t know better, but you will! So educate yourself, talk to your doctor and ensure that you’re sure of what works for you. It is your body after all!

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Happy Running!

Jani from