The Right Gear for a Trail Run

The Right Gear for a Trail Run

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Trail Runs are popular not only amongst runners, but many nature enthusiasts. To embrace the differences between running and trail running, you can use our checklist.

All you need for a Trail run, is…

Trail Runs are taking place in bare nature, therefore your dress code needs to adapt to off-road. Long pants or leggings are advisable, especially if you have not done a trail run or are not familiar with the vegetation. High grass, bushes and sticks might be on your way, and you rather cut through it protected than collecting cuts while running.

Besides the plants there are also animals. Not that you will be attacked by a hungry lion, but may be pestered by small insects. Especially when you are allergic to bees or other stings, make sure you have your anti-histamine for you.

Even though the seasons change, the sun can still burn. During any run, weather changes are not always predictable, to make sure you protect your exposed skin with sunscreen. You will want the option to take off a long-sleeve or windbreaker when too hot, or put it back on when needed. So rather have a layer of long clothes, you can take off, instead of regretting if the rain comes.

Drinks and food are good to have. Your running experience will guide you, if you should bring drinks and food with you on the trail. Usually a trail run for approx. One hour will leave you thirsty, but you can take care of the deficiency afterwards. Any trail run exceeding 1 hour, you should bring your energy boost and water along.

Tipp for your after care: Check your entire body thoroughly for ticks, they can crawl quickly once on your skin, even onto dressed areas and can be very harmful.