The World’s Greatest Races

The World’s Greatest Races

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Have you ever been keen on exploring other beautiful countries, to travel the world and participate in the most famous and best races? Here are the six world’s greatest races that you should not miss, and definitely put on your bucket list:


TCS New York City Marathon

Known as the largest marathon in the world, the TCS New York City Marathon had about 50,000 people joining and millions of spectators last year. Running through the “City that never sleeps”, passing the statue of Liberty to the Central Park, will provide you an electric atmosphere, awaited by people in throngs watching the arriving runners.

Race Details
When: 5th November 2017
Entry: $358  for non-U.S. residents
Flight: approx R 12 000 – 14 000


Great Wall Marathon, China

A few hours away from Beijing the Great Wall Marathon offers an authentic, less touristy area of the Great Wall of China. The half-marathon runners will take another route after 13km, while the full marathon will face the Great Wall again. This exciting race will let you experience conquering 5164 ancient steps before the last few kilometers.

Race Details
When: 20th May, 2017
Entry: Chose between a six-day package (about R 21 550) or seven-day package (R25 085), including    daily tours of Beijing, accommodation and food
Flight: approx R 10 000


BMW Berlin Marathon, Germany

Established in 1974 it’s one of the World Marathon Majors and its course is known as one of the fastest marathons in the world. It’s a great race for first timers since it’s a low-altitude course. The route is very flat, which makes the BMW Berlin Marathon to one of the ‘fastest’ marathons in the world.

Race Details
Date: 24th September 2017
Entry: € 108
Flight: approx R 17 000


Petra Desert Marathon, Jordan

Running through arid deserts and beautiful mountain landscapes the Petra Desert Marathon is an adventurous 42 km. Runners will pass mystic rock formations that only few tourists get to see.

Race Details
Date: 26th August 2017
Entry: R 12 537 including a 5-day-package
Flight: approx R 12 000


Patagonian International Marathon, Chile

If you want to have a real adventure and at the same time have a spectacular view on Patagonia’s natural beauty, the Patagonian International Marathon is the perfect race for you! The route will be on the road, but will consist of rough gravel jeep tracks and stony terrains.

Race Details
Date: 9th September 2017
Entry: R1 900
Flight: approx R 30 000


Soweto Marathon, South Africa

Our South African races do definitely belong on the ‘must-do’ race list. The Soweto Marathon is a special race, since it takes place in South Africa’s biggest township. The route will let you pass Mandela’s house and other amazing sights.

Race Details
Date: 6th November 2016,
Entry: R 200
Flight: from R 800