What Women Should Know About Running

What Women Should Know About Running

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To get the most from your running, it is important to know as much as possible about your sport and your body.

We have 10 great tips you might not know about women running. Discover some great information which helps you in your daily running.

#1 Sign up for a Race
There is no need to be the competitive type to enter a race. You will be surprised how many races are not about winning, but fun and being social especially women only events. Participating in a race can also motivate you to really go all out while running and aim for new goals.

#2 Wear a Sports Bra
Wearing a sports bra is always useful not matter which size you are. With a sports bra, you can control your breast motion, which makes running far more comfortable. Most important is that you try before you buy. It should fit comfortably tight, but you shouldn’t feel constricted.

#3 Join Group Runs
Running in groups with other women will not only ensure your safety but also help you to stay motivated. Besides, it is also a lot more fun if you run in a group rather than alone. You just meet new awesome friends and learn from their journey to improve your running. You can join our CMIYC Groups in your area for weekly group runs.

#4 Running during your period can actually help
If you are having your period you don’t have to skip a run . Running can even help if you are suffering from cramps. While running you release pain-relieving chemicals called endorphins, those can help to milden the cramps.

#5 Find a Balance
If you run for the reason to lose fat, don’t think you will lose more by running more and eating less. If you do, it is more likely your body starts to ‘hibernate’ which means it will conserve the calories which is counterproductive. It is better to train reasonably and increase your food intake in the early morning, to use the calories as fuel for the training. Try to eat snacks for breakfast, lunch and afternoon and have a light dinner.

#6 Running during breast feeding 
A tip for all the running mums. Babies dislike the taste of post-running breast milk. The reason is, that this milk is high in lactic acid which gives it a sour flavour. To prevent this, researches advise to breast feed before running or collect milk for later feeding.

#7 Running makes your skin looks good
According to dermatologists running is also good for your skin and make it healthier! With running, you stimulate your circulation in your body which supports the transport of nutrients and the flushing out of waste products. This again leads to a reduction in subcutaneous fat which makes the skin clearer and healthier.

#8 Calcium and iron
The most important minerals for female runner are calcium and iron. The best resources to absorb calcium are for example broccoli, salmon or canned sardines. For iron you can eat beef, spinach or fortified dry cereals.

#9 Women runners make stronger babies
Women who were regular runners before getting pregnant might have a bigger baby. Researchers found out that the more calories you burn during workout the bigger your baby might be. But these are good news! Bigger babies tent to be stronger.

#10 Understand the meaning of endurance
Endurance does not mean to run the entire route without walking. It means to distribute your energy throughout the run, to make it to the finish line. It is a myth that even a long race is run constantly. Many runners walk an uphill, slow down when they have side stitches and use the interval technique of short breaks to make it to the end.

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