10 Training Tips for Newbie Runners

10 Training Tips for Newbie Runners

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We collected some of the most asked questions nearly every newbie runner has and worked out the following tips. This will help you to confidently build up your running, be healthy, prevent injuries and add more km to your running journey.

#1 Get the Right Shoes

Running is a sport which does not require much investment in the right gear to get started. Clothing and accessories are an add-on when you run advanced distances. The most important is to get the right pair of running shoes. Rather spent a bit more money for the shoe that fits you best than safe the money and run with an all-around trainer. Running shoes are especially designed to allow your foot to hit the ground in the right way. They also reduce the amount of impact that travels up your leg. Number on rule is to choose the best fit over a fancy design.

#2 Slow Down

Don’t exhaust yourself in the first runs. If you come in a situation where you are gasping for air you know you are doing something wrong, just slow down. Take walking breaks when you need them. Continue running when you feel ready. It will take time to gain endurance, strength and fitness. Keep a comfortable pace and enjoy yourself.

#3 Run Three Days a Week

To run three days a week helps you build up your endurance in a steady pace. You have enough rest days to recover, but still enough training to promote health and fitness benefits. Don’t run two days in a row, it rather harms then helps you. At least two rest days per week are advisable. Resting is part of the training as much as running is. Our body needs these days to adapt to the training.

#4 Cross Training

Make more of your running free days for cross training. Whether it is just walking or going for a hike, there are plenty other options to rise your endurance. Benefit from additional activities and feel the results while running.

#5 Eat Clean

To get fit is not just about starting workouts, you should also start adapting your diet. Support your new, healthy lifestyle by eating clean. This will help you to repair your body, improve your training and makes you feel better! Prepare your meals in advance so you cannot be overtaken by sudden cravings.

#6 Get Rid of Side Stitches

It is normal as a newbie runner to feel side stitches. Your abdomen is not used to the running. Mostly those stitches go away by increasing fitness level. If you feel a stitch start breathing deeply to get all the air out of your abdomen. You could also try to breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. To prevent them you should not eat solid food before you go for a run.

#7 Running Buddies 

To keep it easy at the beginning you should run on routes which are mainly flat with a hard ground. Running uphill and on graveled road will make it much more difficult to run comfortably. Rather run in well-lit, public places; join a CMIYC group run or run with your dog. It is safer to not run alone.

#8 How to Breath?

If you breathe through your mouth you will get more oxygen then through your nose. However, some runners prefer breathing through their nose. There is no right or wrong, breath the way that works best for you. While you are building stamina, breathing will come to you automatically.

#9 The 10-Percent Rule 

This simple rule says that you should not add more than 10 percent per week to your total weekly mileage. This helps you to avoid doing too much, too fast. If you follow this rule you can gradually build up your strength and endurance. It also reduces the risk of injuries by overreaching.

#10 Hydration during Running

Remind yourself to drink enough water, that’s very important. You move more, so increase your water intake. Through sweating and exercise your body constantly loseswater. Keep drinking enough water even though you are not thirsty.

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