10 Safety Tips for Runners

10 Safety Tips for Runners

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Nothing should get between you and your run – especially not an accident that can be prevented. Follow these 10 safety tips to run without a care in the world!

 Protect Your Body

1. Stretching

It might seem obvious but some runners often forget to stretch. Stretching after a short warm-up before you even begin your run can prevent tons of common running injuries. Stretching after your run helps reduce post-run stiffness.

2. Prepare for the sun

If you are running in warm weather, make sure that you have sunscreen. Choose a sunscreen made with sporting in mind – these sunscreens cater for sweating. When you embark on longer runs in the heat remember to take something to rehydrate you along. Choose a drink that lightly replenishes electrolytes – though water is also an excellent bet.

3. Run in groups

Not only is it much more fun, running in groups is always safer. Invite some friends along or join a running group like Catch Me If You Can.

4. All smiles for support

Prone to twisted ankles? Wear ankle support to avoid unnecessary injuries – while they might not be all that comfy in the beginning, soon you will not even notice them. After all it is better to be safe than sorry. Do not forget to protect “the girls” too. Invest in a good support bra to avoid neck injuries (and embarrassing mishaps).

Day-to-day security

5. Avoid heavy traffic

Lots of traffic is difficult to navigate, dangerous, and very disruptive. Do yourself a favour, to avoid a headache at the very least, and choose a time and route to run that does not require weaving through or waiting for cars.

6. Make yourself visible

When you are running at night wear reflective bands or vests to make sure that others can see you. Donning brighter, contrasting colours to the environment you are running in is also a good idea. If you are running somewhere very remote, wearing contrasting colours could also help you in an emergency.

7. Carry some form of ID

On the off chance that you do find yourself in an emergency situation it is a good practise to have some kind of identification on you.

Instead of accepting the role of a victim take the initiative and protect yourself

8. Know your route

It seems small but this running safety tip is important for women. Knowing your route is especially important if you run in the evening. You do not want to be toiling in the dark, trying to find your way.

9. Let someone know that you are out

It is not the nicest thought but as women we have to be just that little bit wearier when we go running alone. Let someone at home or a friend know that you are off and when they should expect you back.

10. Turn it down for what?

Listening to music should not be something you have to give up to stay safe. Take one earphone out when you run so that you still have your soundtrack without compromising your safety. Awareness of your surroundings is an important form of accident prevention.