A Beginner’s Guide on How to Train for a Half Marathon

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Train for a Half Marathon

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If you have recently started running listen up because training for the Half Marathon is easier than you think. It might sound far-fetched but if your longer runs are at the five kilometer mark you are already ready to start training for your first Half Marathon. A Half Marathon is only 21km and you have plenty of time to get your body in shape and ready to cross the finish line.

Half Marathon Training: Start slow and steady

You have just less than five months so do not rush into your training. The key is to actively scale what you are already comfortable with up to half marathon length.  Train at least three times a week – runs during the weekday should be 30 minutes long and weekend runs should be five kilometres.

Start scaling

Every second week increase the length of your weekend run by a kilometre. Every other week keep your run at five kilometres but try to improve on your time.  As a beginner, you do not want to push yourself too hard. Take the whole five months to train so that not only the half marathon is enjoyable but that your training is too. Your longest run, around 21km, should be scheduled two weeks before the half marathon date.

Keep watch over your pace

Whether you are new to running in general, or a training beginner, keeping track of your pace is essential to avoid pushing yourself too hard. On your weekday runs, as time goes by, try to adjust your pace slowly towards running more and walking less. Your weekend runs are to train your stamina and increase the distance and length of time you can run for. Your 30 minute weekday runs are there to train strength so that you can run instead of walk for longer periods of time.

Registration for your first Half Marathon

Besides the Two Oceans Half Marathon, they are plenty great Half Marathons in Cape Town to join. Entering your first Half Marathon is something ‘big’ and you won´t regret it. Have a look at our Race Calendar and find the perfect Half Marathon for you.