5 Reasons Why Running in Summer is Terrific

5 Reasons Why Running in Summer is Terrific

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You might miss those chilly mornings when you reach the top of that hill on those 36 degree windless days. But, if you are an early runner, it is always nice to get home and find that you are able to feel all of your extremities.

1. Better Lighting

Running in summer has more perks than the added warmth in the mornings. Now you no longer have to fumble in the dark when a lace comes untied. Whether you prefer morning or evening runs, you will have plenty of light.

Running in Summer: Bring on the fun-runs

2. More shorter races

Because no one enjoys running for hours in the heat, summer is the season of shorter runs. If you are a beginner, or thinking of reviving your running schedule, summer is the perfect time to ease yourself into races.

3. Welcome back to the great outdoors

Remember that beautiful scenic trail you had to cancel on account of the rain? Summer is the perfect time to enjoy all of your favourite cross-country, outdoor, and scenic running routes. If it is horrendously hot, choose a route with lots of trees. Not to mention the delicious notion of beach runs!

Remember how much you love running in shorts?

4. Less laundry

Washing days will be a little lighter now that you do not have piles of a-second-pair-for-warmth socks, windbreakers, and other winter running comforts. You will be washing less mud out too!

5. Summer is a great reason to easy up on the pace

As the weather changes from slightly sticky to sweltering, you can treat yourself to an easier pace – guilt free. Running specialists advise that all runners – from beginners to veterans – lower their pace and shorten their runs. Rest easy, if you are worried that this will have to result in a diet change. Your body has to work extra hard to keep you going without giving in to fatigue in the heat and those calories will still be burnt.