5 Tips for Running Faster

5 Tips for Running Faster

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So you have got running a 5k race down, but you want to improve you time? Training to run faster is easier than you think! Here are 5 tips to get you moving.

  1. Alternate your pace

If you are a beginner runner and you have started mastering your endurance, but want a bump to your time, alternating your pace while training can help. Running at a comfortable pace for five minutes then running all out for one minute will boost your fitness.

  1. Get a jump on it

Quick reflexes will improve your pace, footfall, and speed. Adding 15 minutes of skipping to your training routine can will result in quicker footwork and improve the way in which your feet and legs propel you during a race.

Choosing another exercise type, in addition to running, can help with strength and endurance too. Cycling, or taking a spin class, once a week can boost your performance.

  1. Invest in your gear

When it comes to running gear, lighter materials are better for speed. Improving your time can boil down to a matter of how much extra weight you have to carry when you have heavier or ill-fitting gear.

  1. Strength can equal speed

Adding strength exercises to your training routine is an invaluable part of running. Beginners may need to focus on building strength in the legs first, but all runners can increase their speed by building their core.

Core strength not only improves your endurance, it gives you better control while running.

  1. Do the running plank

Building muscle strength and endurance in your core and legs is a great way to increase your speed. The running plank is an ideal way to do this.
Start in a push-up resting position (i.e. before the body is lowered). Twist from your core as you bring your right knee towards your left arm. Return to the starting position and repeat with the opposite motion to complete the first rep. Do a set of 8 reps three times a week as part of strength training.

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