Reaching My Goals One Step At a Time

Reaching My Goals One Step At a Time

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Since I started my crazy idea of running for fun I have reached my running goal target of 200km a few runs back. It took me 16 months to reach my goal and I’m currently sitting at 260km.

If you put your mind to it you can do it!

Every step, every run, will get me closer to my goal 500km by the end of 2015. BIG SMILES! That’s only an average of +/-19km/month, but for me despite the amount of dedication, passion, blood, sweat, and tears (sometime big tears) I’ve enjoyed ALMOST every single step…

The longest distance at once I’ve ever done is 15km… Looks like next year I’m going for those 21km races. Let’s see if I can reach 500+km by the end of next year!

2016 I want to do my first full marathon, maybe even sooner – who knows!

A big thanks to my running and life partner, Johann Jacobs, for supporting me every step of the way! We rock socks!

I want to motivate new and experienced runners to do both trail and road runs, short or long distance…

Cindy (Pictured on the far right).