7 Tips for Running Beginners

7 Tips for Running Beginners

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Running has so many benefits! Health wise you will improve and it can also benefit your self-confidence. As a bonus, you will make new friends, like our CMIYC woman do. Here are a few tips for beginner runners to start off:

1. Invest in a good pair of running shoes

Besides your body, your shoes are your most important assets in the sport of running. Shoes are important for comfort and injury prevention; visit a running store for to figure out your foot type, so you can get the ideal running shoe specifically for you. Also remember to replace your shoes after every 450-550 Km’s.

2. Join a running group

Motivation can be the biggest challenge for beginner runners, therefore joining a group or even having a running partner, will help to keep you focused, motivated and responsible with your running.

3. Set small and achievable goals

Like most things in life if you plan properly, so a task can become that much easier, and it applies to running as well. Have a running plan and set goals that include the amount of runs per week, distance per run and after a few runs you can include the times you want.

4. Warm up and cool down

Many runners make the mistake of not warming up. This is not only important for injury prevention, but also indicates to your body that you are about to be active. The same applies to cooling down after your run. A good warm up and cool down includes stretching and walking before and after your run.

5. Research good running form

Proper upper body form will prevent injury and help with running efficiency. Your arms should be at right angles and elbows on the side of your body. Keep your posture straight and vertical. Your head must be up, back straight and shoulders level.

6. Don’t focus too much on speed

When starting out your focus should be on technique and getting your breathing right. As you run more often and get fitter your body will become more efficient and you will become faster naturally through better oxygen intake and good running form.

7. Work on your core

A strong core sets the foundation for the rest of your body to perform optimally. Besides increased speed, a stable core helps with injury prevention, better abs and much more. Have a look at our previous posts for a few core exercises to do.


(Edited by Carl Lewis)