9 Tips to Reach Your Goals for Two Oceans Marathon

9 Tips to Reach Your Goals for Two Oceans Marathon

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With the iconic Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon around the corner, we at CMIYC thought it would be appropriate to give you some tips to run your best marathon and reach your Two Oceans Marathon goals. Known as the most beautiful marathon in the world with a rich history that started in 1970, the Two Oceans Marathon has become an institution on the running calendar.

Here are a few tips to run your best marathon:

Weeks before Marathon

1. Set realistic goals

You know your body and its performance better than anyone, so when setting your goals for the Two Oceans Marathon look back at your previous marathons. If it is your first Two Oceans, then you should be cautious with your goal setting, as it can be a grueling race for a first timer.

2. Develop a race day plan

It may come across as over planning, but the Two Oceans Marathon is a tough race and it would be ideal, if you set yourself race targets at landmarks. During the race you will reach Plumstead, Muizenberg or Hout Bay and then you know exactly what your strategy is. This will only increase your confidence and efficiency on race day, as you know what you need to do. CMIYC also provides you with a Two Oceans Marathon Training Guide, that gives you more information on different training techniques and advise.

3. Taper your training

You have been training really hard for the Two Oceans Marathon and the challenge it brings, however you also want to be fresh for the actual race. A few weeks before the race cut down your mileage and focus on your speed and technique whilst reminding yourself of how fit you are. By race day you will be raring to go, as your muscles will be fresh and prepared.

Days before Marathon

4. Rehearse your plan

Visualise your plan in your head, imagine what you will be doing at the start in Dean Street or when you racing past the supporters in Tokai. Remember your ideal times at these check points. As we stated before a race plan will increase your confidence because you know exactly what you need to do because of your well-planned race strategy.

5. Sleep well

Excitement can sometimes make it tough to sleep on the eve before a big race, but this can be countered by sleeping well enough in the week running up to the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marthon.

6. Jog before Race Day

Continuing the theme of tapering your training, most runners will tell you that having an off day on the eve of a race can leave you with heavy legs come race day so to keep your muscles fresh and nimble have 15-25 jog before race day.

Marathon Day

7. Normal routine

Do not change your routine just because is it the Two Oceans. Have what you usually have for breakfast and prepare as you usually would. Familiarity is a very good thing for runners on race day.

8. Don’t Over Hydrate

Don’t have too much water intake as this can lead to a bloated stomach. Thirty minutes before the race you should have had your last bit of water. Another good indicator to stop drinking water is when your urine is very clear before the race.

9. Stick to Race Plan

The crowd during the Two Oceans can really motivate and give you that extra spring in your step, but when the tough parts of the race comes, such as Constantia Nek or Chapman’s Peak, you need your energy. So remember your race plan and execute it.

(Edited by Carl Lewis)