To make things easy, we have put together three key exercises which will get your core stronger quickly. A few minutes of your time and remembering repetition can change the game plan for you completely.

With the benefits of a stable core explained lets get you started with a few exercises. Try these to begin with:

  1. Plank

Planking helps strengthen abs, spine muscles, chest, shoulder, quads and hamstrings. They help develop the dependent connection between limbs and core. Try 30 sec -1 min plank before every run.

  1. Superman

This simple exercise involves the back muscles. It will certainly help with the connection between the back and limbs. Lay flat on the floor the fully extend arms, legs and head off the floor allowing them to hover. Once you get stronger you should focus on extending the length of time you can hold the position and also the higher the distance from the floor.

  1. Windshield wipers

This exercise highlights the oblique’s, which is an imperative muscle group for stability and balance whilst you run. Lay on your back and extend your legs to make an ‘L’ SHAPE. Your back must be firmly placed against the floor while you lower your legs to the right, back to the middle and then to the left.

Do not hamper your progress as a runner and ignore your core. Take 10 minutes before your run to complete these exercises. Introduce these and other core exercises into your running schedule and see your results improve.

Happy training!