A Stable Core Helps You Run Faster

A Stable Core Helps You Run Faster

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Are you wondering how to improve your running time? Or how to improve your performance during the latter stages of your run? A strong and stable core can help break down both these barriers. Running is a sport where small modifications can manifest into rewarding results therefore you should incorporate core-strengthening exercises into your training routine. A stable core has many benefits for runners; some of the biggest advantages are increased speed and efficiency. A strong torso has certainly become a necessity for every runner from the amateur to the professional.

 The mechanics and effects

A stable core sets a strong foundation for the rest of your body to perform optimally. The stronger your abdominals, the more speed and force your body can use. Your arms and legs are directly linked to the strength of your torso. Your balance will develop, which in turn will help with your recovery from missteps and improve efficiency of your running form. Experts believe wholeheartedly in the importance of a strong core, ex-Canadian Olympian and now running coach Paula Schnurr says ‘’Stride frequency and efficiency is improved with improved core function’’ which is what all runners desire in their quest to improve their performance.

 Besides improved speed these are some other benefits to a strong core:

  • Minimize the chance of injury
  • Improved balance and weight distribution while running
  • Running uphill will be easier since you have a stable core anchoring your technique
  • Great abs

(Edited by Carl Lewis)

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