Training with a group gives you a real sense of commitment – you’re less likely to skip your runs. Stick with a group to stay motivated, receive the support and companionship.  Below are six benefits of running in a group.

Be a Groupie! – The benefits of running in a group

1. Social Facilitation

Running with other people creates an excitement that helps you run faster than you thought you could on your own.  Social Facilitation is a social psychology term that means “an improvement in performance produced by the mere presence of others.” According to Cindra Kamphoff, Ph.D, when running with a group, “You get caught up in the pace, and you might not recognize how fast you’re going” she says. Your brain encourages you to keep up when you might have slowed down alone.

2. Accountability

Running groups hold you accountable when that little voice in your head tries to convince you to skip the run.

3. Learn from Others

Runners tend to talk about running while running.  Running with a group is also a great way to learn tips and tricks about becoming a better runner.

4. Safety

Running in a group provides safety.  You are less likely to be targeted and it also provides safety when someone gets injured or needs assistance.

5. Support

During some runs there is a point when it gets hard and often it’s mental strength that’s needed to keep you pushing through. When you’re running with a group you have a lot of other brains that are able to assist you to keep going when your own physical or mental toughness is taking a beating.

6. A sense of community

Everyone likes to feel that they belong somewhere. It makes us happy, secure and safe. It leads to a community where everyone looks out for one another and supports each other to achieve their best.

By Lindy Emsley, Psychologist from Lindy Emsley Organisational Psychology


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  • hi there, i would like to find a morning running group as it is not safe to run alone and i am looking for motivation.
    i reside in rosebank, cape town.
    please could you advise me on any groups that i could join up with to run in the mornings?
    thank you.

  • Hi.
    Where do I see where to join in on a group run in Four ways area? I’m a newbie and want to start asap please.

  • Nicole Isaacs
    August 20, 2017 4:33 pm

    Hi there,

    I would like to join the group in Sea Point but I would like more information as to when the training will take place as I am traveling from Kenilworth.
    Please let me know.

    • Hi love, we do have different running schedules in Sea Point. We also have a wonderful CMIYC Leader in Kenilworth, so please inbox your phone number to and we add you to the Whats App Groups to find out about weekly running schedules

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