A Beginners Guide to Figuring Out Your Ideal Pace

A Beginners Guide to Figuring Out Your Ideal Pace

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Whether you want to start running or get your fitness level up, figuring out your ideal running pace is one of the most important parts of training.

Start at a walking pace

Beginners, or women getting back into running, should start with walking. Your walking pace should be brisk, but not to the point that you cannot hold a conversation. Find that sweet spot and keep at it – regular exercise at the right pace is the key to getting a good running schedule going.

When you feel stronger, add alternating running and walking portions into your scheduled exercise time. At a rate that suits your body, phase walking out and start finding your ideal running pace.

Listening to what your body wants and needs is essential. If, as a beginner, you are very short of breath while running you are probably running too fast.

Figuring out your ideal running pace

Being comfortable with your pace is very important. While you might want to make better time, your body may not be ready to push that hard. Keeping your pace comfortable on longer runs during training will bump up your fitness much faster.

Running at a pace which is too fast for your body puts you at risk of injury. On top of that, if you push yourself too hard and become exhausted it will be more difficult to maintain a routine. Opt for a far-sighted schedule and enjoy the training process instead. So, once you have worked out the best pace for you, train at that pace. Your fitness level will rise naturally and your potential for injury will be lower.

Take note of your time

Keeping track of your development is important too. Measure your time spent with an elevated heart rate during exercise. Getting your blood pumping and your body moving for long stretches of time is what increases your fitness. Your comfortable pace will gradually increase as you become stronger and your fitness increases.